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Hostel Los Hermanos

Hostal Los Hermanos Hostal Los Hermanos Fachada

The hostel "The Brothers" is a colonial house built in the early nineteenth century, with large and airy spaces where there is a large courtyard, corridors and rooms of these buildings themselves, which also have a furniture traditionalist of the colonial era, six rooms.

The rooms have bathrooms with hot water service, air conditioning, of these three, which are spacious and equipped with antique furniture, in harmony with the house and very comfortable, are of the rent, with two beds, double and individual for up to one, two and three for the price of 25.0 CUC, and a very qualified personal to care for visitors, offering an excellent catering service including the most authentic Cuban food, specializing in seafood in all its variants such as fresh fish, octopus, crabs and other crustaceans, We also offer traditional food such as roast pork, rice and beans, various salads, wines, beers, "mojitos", " free Cuba " and other beverages, to please the most demanding tastes, prepared by excellent cooks, in an atmosphere of extreme cleanliness.

The location of this hostel, guests can visit without transportation, cultural sites and museums of Colonial Art, Museum of Natural History, Museum of History, Gallery of Paintings, public squares, Catholic Church, house music, City Council, this whole area is designated as "National Monument", in this way, you can also visit the beautiful beaches that owns this town, free of pollution and a natural green with a varied marine fauna, offers the opportunity to also develop the so-called "ecological tourism" because of its proximity also beautiful caves, wetlands and rivers retain their natural charm, very close there is also a flooded cave system, considered the largest in Cuba. But his greatest strength is in the familiar and safe environment that provides to visitors and guests.

ubicacionIts exact address is:

Hostel "Los Hermanos”
Street: Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.No13. Gibara. Holguín. Cuba.
C.P. 82100.



In the case that our hostel is busy and can’t accommodate, we are able to offer other guest houses in this same town, with characteristics similar to ours, very comfortable and safe.


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  • Phone. +53 24 .844.542
  • Carlos Manuel de Céspedes 13.
  • 82100 Gibara, Holgín, Cuba
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